Poems / Publications

Five Poems from The Pond I Found for Us (full-length poetry manuscript). Forthcoming in Always Crashing: “Unfinished Works” in print issue and “I’m Reminded of Enforced Consensus and Fervent Blindness,” “I Don’t Remember,” “More Apple Blossoms Will Turn,” and “On the Phone with Mom in Brooklyn, a Door to Valle de la Luna Opens” in online edition. Fall 2022.

Five Poems from The Pond I Found for Us (full-length poetry manuscript). Blazing Stadium. Issue 17. October 2021.

“After Elderflower Pancakes,” “Time,” & “Unimportant Poem About Flowers.” Luna Luna Magazine. March 2020.

“Can We”, “Vintner” & “What is the Shape.” Trampoline Poetry. Debut issue. March 2020.

“Mango Lemonade.” Cordella Magazine. Issue 13. Spring 2020.

“In the Kitchen.” Edible Jersey. May/June 2019. 

Sugar Factory. Debut full-length collection of poetry, including a series of twelve paintings by Sarah Riggs in conversation with the poems, and a co-written text about the art collaboration. Spuyten Duyvil. January 2019. 

Three Poems. Prelude. Winter 2019 (digital edition) & Spring 2020 (print edition).

“Inge Inge Ingeborg Bachmann.” Painted Bride Quarterly. December 2018.

Co-Editor. Alphabet for the Entrants by Vasilisk Gnedov, translated by Emilia Loseva and Danny Winkler. Eastern European Poets Series, Ugly Duckling Presse. October 2018.

Co-Editor. Moss & Silver by Jure Detela, translated by Raymond Miller with Tatjana Jamnik. Eastern European Poets Series, Ugly Duckling Presse. May 2018. Starred Review in Publishers Weekly.

“Books to the Rescue: Emily Wallis Hughes Lifts Spirits of Sonoma County After Wildfires.” Poetry FoundationHarriet Blog. Article by Harriet Staff. January 22, 2018.

Finalist, Fence Modern Poets Series. October 2017. Distinction for Sugar Factory (full length poetry manuscript).

 “Demeter Demeter.” Suisun Valley ReviewMay 2017.

“Hydrochloride Forest Treatment” & “This I.” Berkeley Poetry Review. May 2017.

“The Myelin.” Elderly. April 2017.

“Foreign.” Menage. April 2017.

Finalist, Tupelo Press Dorset Prize. Distinction for Sugar Factory (full length poetry manuscript). March 2017. 

“It’s Clear” & “Hunting in January.” ZAUM 20th Anniversary Issue. April 2016.

“Seamstress.” A Women’s Thing. March 2016. 

“Where Voices are Made, and Where They Find Us.” Teachers & Writers Magazine. June 12, 2015. 

Jack Kerouac Poetry Prize. “Purim.” Davis Jazz Beat Festival. October 2013.

Three Poems. Burning the Little Candle. Ad Lumen Press. March 2013. 

“Seen From the Kitchen.” Gigantic Magazine. December 2012. 

 “Past Lovers, Visiting.” Sacramento News & Review. April 21, 2011.

“Tuolumne.” Sacramento News & Review. August 21, 2008.

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