Two poems in Prelude

Thanks to the Prelude editors for re-publishing two poems in my “Day” series of poems in Sugar Factory (Spuyten Duyvil, 2019). Read them here.

The editors were planning this to be in print, but they decided to publish the issue online due to pandemic difficulties and hardships.

You’ll find additional poems by Sandra Simonds, Andrew J. Smyth, Patricia Hartland, Christopher Spaide, Maja Lukic, Madison McCartha, Ellen Boyette, Adam J. Gellings, Alice Hall, Jon Ruseski, Michael Larson, Vanessa Saunders, Jakob Maier, Cortney Lamar Charleston, Rachel Abramowitz, Cal Freeman, Aileen Bassis, Jeremiah Moriarty, Jessica Yuan, Michael Larson, Maxine Berclaz, James Moore, Kelly Hoffer, F. Daniel Rzicznek, Lea Graham, Michael Juliani, Elise Houcek, and Nicolas Visconti.

If you read the Winter 2021 issue, please consider picking up one of the Prelude books! Your support of independent literature and publishing really will go a long way.

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